DVDL317 Audiovisual production II

Theatre Faculty
Summer 2023
Extent and Intensity
0/24/0. 2 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
MgA. Tomáš Gruna (lecturer)
Guaranteed by
prof. Mgr. Zoja Mikotová
Drama Education for the Deaf Department – Dean’s Office – Theatre Faculty – Janáček Academy of Performing Arts
Supplier department: Drama Education for the Deaf Department – Dean’s Office – Theatre Faculty – Janáček Academy of Performing Arts
EVER ( DVDZ317 Audiovisual production II )
The course is intended only for students parent disciplines.
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
The aim of the course is to develop a comprehensive artistic personality able to express electronic audiovisual resources as an integral part theater.
  • Students are engaged under the guidance of the audiovisual recording in digital technologies and their subsequent processing, small-documentary filmmaking, story, essay, adaptation. Students after the initial semester exercise with a camera, audio recording and editing software are adopting their own vintage semester projects. According to the election supervisor to devote more work with software, camera, computer animation or classical two-dimensional and interactive processing projects. Processing of artistic achievement for presentation (projection) and archiving. Developing the ability to integrate artistic inventiveness, theoretical knowledge and technical skills and to play any role crew declared above tasks. Pointing to the group (mutual) artistic performance, always with an emphasis on basic field of study. Expertise: Graduates are prepared originally acquired knowledge to use, develop, implement procedures creative thinking and emotional commitment in favor of artistic form and show a distinct level of artistic, professional and personal maturity. They realize the creative possibilities of mutual overlap other related arts and appropriate creatively integrate principles from other fields of human knowledge. They master the basic problems arising from the dynamics of mutual relations, team artistic creation. skills: When solving practical problems of interest first use the acquired knowledge of basic techniques and methods of the field way that brings the inspiration, use creative problem solving, looking for original art and ethically responsible solutions. eligibility: Graduates are able to independently and responsibly decide on new or changing contexts or fundamentally changing environment of artistic creation. In artistic creation and critical reflection exhibit a degree of maturity and professionalism appropriate to the level of knowledge.
  • Základy střihové skladby, Josef Valušiak, vydala Akademie múzických umění v Praze, filmová a televizní fakulta, katedra střihové sklady, 3. rozšířené vydání, Praha 2005. info
  • Ben Long, Sonja Schenk: Velká kniha digitálního videa. Praha, Computer Press 2005

    Manuály a uživatelské příručky technologických řetězců.

    Další informační zdroje.

Teaching methods
exercise, discussion methods, heuristic methods, build skills, project based learning, independent study, comprehensive synthesis of knowledge and skills.
Assessment methods
Continuous monitoring of student performance reflecting the subject matter. The level of professional performance. Credit based on active participation and presentation of professional performance.
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
The course is taught: in blocks.
Information on course enrolment limitations: Pro úspěšný zápis předmětu si zaregistrujte též odpovídající předmět v zimním semestru (podle předpokladu "EVER")
The course is also listed under the following terms Summer 2015, Summer 2017, Summer 2021.
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