Degree programme specification

The first round of the admission procedure for the bachelor’s degree studies takes place with a participation of a student of the field; it is based on a test of general knowledge, on assigned and immediately implemented work and on the submitted materials. The second round is then ensured by a committee in the form of an interview with the applicant focused on a pre-assigned topic implemented on the spot.

Study plans


  • Objectives

    The bachelor’s degree studies aim to prepare qualified artists with an emphasis on the creative process with a high degree of artistic and interpretive skills in the field of scenography, costume and the creation of direction and dramaturgical scenographic concepts.

  • Occupational Profiles of Graduates

    Graduates of the bachelor’s degree studies are able to create an independent work of art or a project, conduct research through art in an intellectual and practical manner, demonstrate the ability of theoretical reflection on projects in the context of the current cultural paradigm. They are able to work in an artistic team and well versed in technological procedures, materials and their application in artistic practice and research into art. They can handle the preparation and implementation of art projects in cultural institutions, theatres and galleries across the spectrum, from public to independent, in the Czech Republic and abroad.


    Markéta Oslzlá

    Anita Nemkyová

    Marek Cpin

    Linda Dostálková

    Jan Matýsek

  • Additional Information
    The bachelor’s degree studies of Scenography prepare artists for positions in the artistic and other creative industries with an emphasis on employability in the field of theatre, design and original creative work. Students will gain knowledge of the historical and contemporary context, the ability of their own interpretation and personal and team-based artistic creation

Basic information

Bachelor's degree programme
Length of studies
3 years
Language of instruction
Czech Czech

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