Degree programme specification

Applicants for studies in both specialisations prepare the assigned written papers, whose basis consists of a written analysis of a selected dramatic text and a professional reflection on a production they spectated – the assigned papers are then discussed with the committee. The supplied own original body of work and the level of applicants’ talent are also evaluated. The entrance interview strives to test the applicant’s motivations, their interest in theatre, knowledge of the field and cultural events in general. In entrance examinations, the applicant work with acting students on assigned stage etudes. Part of the admission procedure is to test the language skills of individual applicants, who must also pass a psychological personality test. The talent exam consists of two rounds.

Applicants apply for the follow-up master’s degree studies of Theatre Dramaturgy with a draft annotation of a master’s thesis and a graduation project.

Study plans


  • Objectives


    The basic objective of the master’s degree field of drama direction is to educate independent directors – artists who can create a special stage work on the basis of a dramatic text, but also on the basis of non-dramatic texts, in which they will apply their own artistic imagination and fantasy together with the ability to create – with the help of all components of theatrical synthesis – a structured stage shape striving for and leading to artistic expression. In both years, the studies are accompanied by lectures and seminars on new world drama and theatre, lectures or seminars on the theory of theatre and direction, as well as a seminar on working with verse or new media. This effort culminates in the staging of final projects.


    The aim of the master’s degree study programme is to create qualified theatre dramaturges who will be able to perform a whole range of professional activities in theatre, as determined in our cultural context by the concept of theatre dramaturgy – i.e. the ability to bring stimuli and impulses, create short-term and long-term concepts (dramaturgical plan of the theatre season, dramaturgical orientation of the theatre), participate in the process of theatrical artefact as a co-creator of the decisive dramaturgical-direction concept of the production, to constantly analyse the individual moments of the creative process and correct the whole work on that basis, write studies, analyses, create programme articles and articles for programmes.

  • Occupational Profiles of Graduates


    Master’s degree graduates can find employment as:

    theatre directors (self-employed directors in any type of professional theatre);

    artistic directors of theatres (or artistic directors of ensembles);

    radio or television directors;

    media project directors;

    directors of projects outside the theatre space (nature, streets, shopping centres, happenings, street theatre, performances, etc.);

    secondary school or university teachers in the field of drama direction, acting;

    potential applicants for a doctoral study programme in the field of Dramatic Arts with a specialisation in Drama Direction.


    Juraj Augustín

    Ivan Buraj

    Martin Cicvák

    Hana Mikolášková-Kovaríková

    Janka Ryšánek-Schmidtová


    Master’s degree graduates can find employment as:

    theatre dramaturges (self-employed dramaturges in any type of professional theatre);

    theatre authors, playwrights, librettists… (self-employed authors of dramatic texts);

    editors of professional press (theatres review, etc.);

    cultural editors in the media (radio, television, internet);

    secondary school or university teachers in the field of dramaturgy, history and theory of theatre;

    theatre or theatre ensemble managers.


    David Drozd

    Vladimír Fekar

    Matej Nytra

    Viktorie Knotková

    Katerina Menclová

Basic information

master's degree programme (following the bachelor's one)
Length of studies
2 years
Language of instruction
Czech Czech

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