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Sacred Music

Bachelor's studies, study mode: full-time, single-subject.

Admission Procedures


  • Objectives

    The field is guaranteed by the Organ and Historical Interpretation Department. Since its inception, a number of sacred music experts have already been educated in this field. During its development, the field has reached a format in which theoretical, practical and applied courses are represented and well interconnected. Therefore, the teachers of theoretical courses are well aware of the practical art projects in which students participate and they are thus able to utilise immediate practical knowledge in theoretical teaching.

    Studies in the Sacred Music field prepare the graduates for independent artistic activity and equip them with the necessary skills and theoretical knowledge.

  • Learning Outcomes

    After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

    • artistic director of a church choir – choirmaster
    • art school teacher
  • Occupational Profiles of Graduates

    artistic director of a church choir – choirmaster, art school teacher

  • Rules and Conditions for the Creation of a Study Plan

    The study plan consists of compulsory, elective and optional courses and of compulsory artistic study outputs.

  • Goals of Theses

    A student must obtain 60 credits for each year of studies and finish the studies with a state final examination in selected courses, graduation performance defence and bachelor’s thesis defence.

    Contents and scope of the final examination:

    Defence of the graduation project, Defence of the bachelor’s thesis, Gregorian Chant, Liturgics

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Field of study information

Field of Study
Sacred Music
Bachelor's degree programme
to 31/12/2024
B8201 B-HUDUM Art of Music

Field of study guaranteed by: