Dramatic Acting

Master's degree programme, full-time study mode, single-subject, Czech, 4 years 
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Acting studies are organised in four separate studios, each of which respects the basic common line and chooses a specific and distinctive path, application of acting methods, emphases, etc. The first cycle of studies includes the acquisition of basic psychophysical abilities and skills with a gradually increasing focus on stage character creation and a thorough theoretical-historical education. The second cycle develops these skills and sets the students on a path towards psychologically centralised work with further improvement of background theoretical knowledge. Students are guided to master the internal and external acting techniques, they learn to master character creation, motivation, subtext and situational context. Theoretically generalising reflections on the process of acting and finding a personal topic as a starting point for the preparation of a thesis contribute to the deepening of their creative individuality. Even though the studios have the possibility of creating their own individual study programmes, there is still an overall concept of the dramatic acting studies, which interconnects the study plans of all individual studios. The composition of movement and vocal disciplines is determined with a view to the fact that students master the techniques of these subjects consistently and in detail. To achieve the final effect of the learning process, it is essential to continuously strive for mutual connections between individual subjects and their application in one’s own acting work. The studies in this field aim create free creative personalities equipped with the right skills and knowledge for professional work in the field, individuals open to new approaches and stimuli and aware of the need for further continuous growth fuelled by education.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • ability to independently analyse a dramatic text and define its practical issues for the needs of acting (determination of motivations, conflicts, characteristic features of the character, genre of the original work, etc.);
  • ability to determine a suitable method for acting interpretation of a text and its practical implementation on a perfect professional level (perfect pronunciation, recitation of verses, natural intonation, breathing techniques);
  • movement skills (feeling for tempo and rhythm, plasticity of movement, work with the centre, dance technique basics);
  • ability of psychophysical transformation into a character (its further modelling based on the chosen language and style of production);
  • ability of creative cooperation with acting partners (mutual contact, timing, improvisation);
  • ability to creatively collaborate with a smaller production team in creating a performance (director, dramaturge, stage designer);
  • ability to further independently learn special stage skills depending on the specific needs of the production (step, fencing, singing, dancing, etc.);
  • creative acting with costume and space;
  • the ability to put into practice the elements of various acting methods and theories in their own artistic work in an original way;
  • ability to present an original artistic performance of the whole team to the public – they are ready to take full responsibility for the group’s efforts.

actor in theatre ensembles

actor in film and television

voice actor on the radio

presenter or anchor


amateur ensembles manager

possible applicant for a doctoral study programme

university teacher (field of acting)


Students must enrol in and complete courses marked as the field basics. They supplement their study plan with personal specialisation courses from the offer of their studio and the Faculty of Theatre.


Successful completion of all courses marked as the field’s basic courses.

Acquisition of at least 240 credits.

Contents and scope of the final examination

History of Theatre

History of Czech Theatre

Acting Methods and Theories

Defence of the master’s graduation project

Defence of the diploma thesis


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Dramatic Acting
Abbreviation: CINHER
Code: 8203T001
Type: Master's degree programme
Degree: MgA.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: M8203 M-DRAUM Dramatic Arts
Theatre Faculty
Field of study guaranteed by:
Theatre Faculty
Field guarantor:
doc. Mgr. Aleš Bergman, Ph.D.

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