Physical Theater

Bachelor's degree programme, full-time study mode, single-subject, Czech, 3 years 
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Studio of author’s and experimental theatre and acting with emphasis on the creator-performer personality, physical theatre, clown art, site-specific and street theatre and the use of multimedia (sound, projection, film, animation, music).

The studio has been established at the Faculty of Theatre JAMU in 2004 by Prof. Ctibor Turba. The studio was taken over by Pierre Nadaud in 2007. The studio admits 10 students once every 3 years.

It aims to educate young artists (creators and performers) in the field of performing arts, focusing primarily on physical theatre, authorial acting, clown art and a practical approach to working with new media and their use in performing arts.

We distinguish three main lines in the learning process: physical theatre (contemporary mime art, modern and contemporary dance, choreographic composition, acrobatics, creation with objects), authorial acting (theatrical improvisation, mask theatre, clown theatre, acting, dialogical acting, dramaturgy) and the use of multimedia (projections, sound, music, lighting design, pixilation, film gag, interactive use). These three lines are interconnected and lead in a coordinated way to stage production and its borderline forms (street theatre and site specific).

Over the course of three years, the study programme is continuously supplemented with theoretical courses that touch upon theatre dramaturgy and the history and philosophy of theatre. The study programme also provides the students, in cooperation with the Theatre Management Studio, with the basics of production for ensembles and independent artists.

The individual pedagogical projects are implemented within the Faculty of Theatre in cooperation with students and teachers of the studios of scenography, theatre management, direction and dramaturgy, and audiovisual production and theatre. Some projects also lead to cooperation with studios of dramatic acting and drama education for the deaf.

In many projects, students meet with Czech and foreign professional artists (Iona Mona Popovici, Irina Andreeva, Aleš Janák, Karine Ponties, Guillaume Fromentin, David Monceau, Marie Gourdain, Daniel Gulko, Petr Váša) and occasionally with studios from other art schools (for example scenography at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, performing art at the Faculty of Fine Arts BUT, animation, film production and visual communication at Faculty of Multimedia Communications TBU in Zlín, theatre science at Masaryk University in Brno, Duncan Centre in Prague, Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, film and television graphics at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, etc.). Some projects are implemented on residential stays outside Brno.

The outputs of teaching and projects are presented within the faculty or in thematically related theatres and at festivals in the Czech Republic (Encounter/Meeting in Brno, Theatre World Brno, Zlom Vaz in Prague, Alfred ve dvore a divadlo Ponec in Prague – Malá inventura, Czech Dance Platform, Divadlo 29 in Pardubice, DIOD in Jihlava, etc.).


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • they have very effective and complex competencies and qualifications in the field of theatre production in terms of composition, structure, dramaturgy and execution;
  • during their studies they plant the seeds of their own artistic manuscript and understand the stages of creative work;
  • they are able to work with artists from other disciplines (light design, stage technology, film, artists, scenographers, etc.) in a professional and knowledgeable manner and communicate with productions and management of theatre or festivals;
  • they are able to work independently under the guidance of other artists (directors, choreographers or other authors) and master the artistic and philosophical intention of leading creators;
  • they have basic skills relevant for the production of art and theatre projects;
  • they have deep knowledge and skills in the field of performing and stage movement.

Students must enrol in and complete courses marked as the field basics. They supplement their study plan with personal specialisation courses from the offer of their studio and the Faculty of Theatre.


Successful completion of all courses marked as the field’s basic courses.

Acquisition of at least 180 credits.

Contents and scope of the final examination

History of Theatre

History of Czech Theatre

Developments and Trends of Physical Theatre since the end of the 19th Century

Defence of the bachelor’s thesis

Defence of the graduation project


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Physical Theater
Abbreviation: KLASCFT
Code: 8203R072
Type: Bachelor's degree programme
Degree: BcA.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: B8203 B-DRAUM Dramatic Arts
Theatre Faculty
Field of study guaranteed by:
Theatre Faculty
Field guarantor:
doc. Mgr. Pierre Nadaud, Ph.D.