Theatre Directing

Bachelor's degree programme, full-time study mode, single-subject, Czech, 3 years 
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The bachelor’s degree study programme Drama Direction provides basic university training in this area; is the first degree of university studies of direction.

The Drama Direction field of study is taught in three studios combining dramaturgy and direction under one roof: the studio of direction and dramaturgy of prof. Cejpek (direction teacher doc. MgA. Zbynek Srba, Ph.D), studio of directing and dramaturgy of prof. Kovalcuk (direction teachers prof. Arnošt Goldflam and assistant professor Bretislav Rychlík) and the studio of direction and dramaturgy of prof. Oslzlý (direction teacher doc. Ivo Krobot). The basics of study plans in all three studios are the same and the education differs only in some special emphasis and certain details. Common and different element can be found in the overview of courses offered in the creation of study plans and in the description of individual courses.

The organisational connection between the fields of direction and dramaturgy is not accidental. It follows from their close relationship and mutual conditionality in the creation of a theatrical artefact, because we consider dramaturgy, with its impulses and thought preparation, to be at the birth of any theatrical artefact (production, performance, etc.), then the direction is its direct creator, implementer, completer, making the originally abstract idea or intention into something real. Many courses are common for both, because direction and dramaturgy pursue the same goal and because it gives the students of both specialisation the opportunity to closely cooperate, especially in seminars and exercises. Such cooperation is necessary in later professional practice.

The three-year study plan aims to teach the students a range of knowledge and skills. Among other things, a student must understand the structure of a theatrical production and be able to independently create a smaller stage piece about 30–40 minutes long. The main field courses benefits from added cooperation with acting studios; it allows students to understand the basics of acting, which is a key means of expression of the theatre and director and represents the most complex and sensitive component of the entire synthesis of staging.

The nature of theoretical teaching and practical implementation of directing projects includes a wide range of procedures from traditional and classical to new forms of theatrical expression. The disruption of the boundaries between the individual arts, such as the overlap of the fine arts into the theatre sphere, the influences between drama theatre and dance theatre, etc., are abundant today. The media are an increasingly significant element influencing the theatre and the shape of a theatrical creations. Of course, multimedia or intermediate elements penetrate the creative thinking of teachers and students of direction as well.


A graduate of this bachelor’s degree programme is an assistant director with all the competencies attributed to this professional classification. Graduates can find employment as:

assistant directors in theatres;

assistant directors in TV, film, radio;

sound directors (radio, TV, dubbing, etc.);

directors (managers, dramaturges) of art agencies;

executive production managers in theatre, TV or film.


The courses are divided into three basic groups: courses forming the common basis of the field (compulsory for all studios), courses forming the specific basis of the field (courses distinguishing individual studios) and personal specialisation courses (optional courses the students can choose based on their interests).


Successful completion of all courses marked as the field’s basic courses.

Acquisition of at least 180 credits.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Theatre Directing
Abbreviation: CINREZ
Code: 8203R002
Type: Bachelor's degree programme
Degree: BcA.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: B8203 B-DRAUM Dramatic Arts
Theatre Faculty
Field of study guaranteed by:
Theatre Faculty
Field guarantor:
prof. MgA. Zbyněk Srba, Ph.D.

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