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The Erasmus Student Exchange Programme "Bridging East and West" (BEW) aims to create a space for artistic and educational exchange between European guest students and the specific surroundings of a Central European cultural tradition and atmosphere. By implementing methods and experiences of Czech cultural practice in an internationally oriented artistic teaching process, the "Bridging East and West" programme is designed and developed within the process of collecting contributions from students of European theatre schools, constantly analysing their inputs, needs and preferences and framing them in the wider context of a Central European history of ideas and artistic uniqueness.


As incoming students do not have sufficient knowledge of the Czech language to follow courses together with JAMU students and their level of skills and knowledge may be different, BEW has been established in order to create a performance project realized by international students, who are not integrated into faculty departments due to high number of incoming students that our faculty receives every semester.

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Obor: Erasmus exchange programme
Zkratka: ERA
Kód: D1999
Typ: krátkodobý pobyt
Titul: žádný
Program: ZD1999 IEP International exchange programme
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