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  1. What is the interactive syllabus and where can I find it?

    The interactive syllabus is a Web page to which a teacher has uploaded some study-related materials. These, falling into the category of e-learning tools, often have the form of various exercises, questionnaires, homework vaults, and other utilities facilitating the communication between him/her and his/her students.

    Apart from organizing them into an interactive syllabus, which gives them a logical and chronological structure, the teacher can also use them separately. Provided your teacher has compiled an interactive syllabus for you, you can find it using the following path:

    Personal Administration → Student → Study Materials (e-learning)

    What is important to remember is that the interactive syllabus does not become available the moment the teacher creates it, but at the time he/she specifies. Once this happens, a reference to the syllabus appears on the main Student page.

    [1] reference to an interactive syllabus

  2. How do I navigate in the interactive syllabus?

    The navigation in the interactive syllabus is simple. The icons on the left side represent individual options. If you move your cursor over any one of them, a tooltip appears.

    Interactive syllabi often comprise several thematic sub-syllabi, each of which may contain, for instance, a work plan for a certain week. The sub-syllabi can be contracted for the ease of navigation.
    The expanded sub-syllabus is the one that was expanded the last time you used the application or the one that was expanded by your teacher.

    [1] code and name of course, term
    [2] expands all the sub-syllabi
    [3] clicking on the name of sub-syllabus displays only the sub-syllabus
    [4] contracts the sub-syllabus
    [5] last modified
    [6] expands the sub-syllabus
    [7] reference to a document placed in the Study Materials section
    [8] displays the syllabus the way the teacher wants it to be displayed

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at jamuis(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz.

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