• 1.How shall I proceed in order to upload a report or any other file into a student's Thesis/Dissertation Archive?
    Uploading reports one at a time:

    • Use the File Manager link.
    • Click on the field titled -change section-.
    • Select all theses/dissertations.
    • Enter your student's personal identification number (učo) and click on Use.
    • If you do not know your student's personal identification number, click on the 'ABC' icon, enter the student's name and click on Search. Then select the required student, confirm your choice (this will make his/her personal identification number appear in the name field of File Manager) and click on Use, which should open the student's Thesis/Dissertation Archive. To upload a file into it, proceed the same way you do when uploading files into other sections of the System, i.e.:

      1. Click on Operations situated in the upper left-hand corner, which opens a menu of operations to choose from.
      2. Select Upload file.
      3. Click on Browse and specify the path to the file you want to upload.
      4. Enter a name for the file (e.g. 'posudek_vedouci' (Czech for 'report_supervisor') or 'posudek_oponent' (Czech for 'report_reader')) and click on Upload.

  • 2.Who can upload a report and when?
    The period during which files can be uploaded into the Archive by a supervisor, reader or any other person with the s_vyuka right starts on the day of its creation and ends 2 months following the day it is taken over by the Office for Studies.
  • 3.What format is it possible to upload reports in?
    The reports should be in the PDF format or, if you are uploading their scanned copies, these should be in *.jpg or *.bmp files.
  • 4.I have difficulties uploading a thesis report.
    When you cannot upload a thesis report, the causes might be as follows:
    • As a reader, you may not have been granted the rights to upload reports into students' archives automatically. Please contact your secretary and make sure she has granted you these manually.
    • You may have entered an archive of a thesis which has already been finalized (the student might have enrolled in more than one programme of studies and thus he/she has more than one archive). You can tell that you are in a finalized thesis archive by the absence of some of the operations that can normally be performed on the files it contains (e.g. upload file). If this is the case, please locate and enter the right archive.
    • The thesis reports can only be uploaded into Thesis/Dissertation Archive within a certain period of time (till up to two months following the day the thesis was made public). Provided you wish to upload your report after that period, the Office for Studies should delete the publication date set for it so that you can do so. Once you have uploaded the report, the publication date can be re-entered. This change results in the student being temporarily the only person capable of accessing his/her archive, but the rights to access the section get reassigned to other people the following night.
  • 5.Is it also the supervisor's report that should be uploaded into IS?
    Yes, it is. When doing so, please remember to specify the report is supervisor's (e.g. add 'posudek_vedouci' (Czech for 'report_supervisor') to the name of the file) as the System searches its data pool for the 'posud' and 'vedouc' strings. The files uploaded are going to be made accessible to all the users logged in the System. Readers' reports can also be accessed from outside the System (while supervisors' can only be accessed within JAMU).
  • 6.What shall I do to inform the System that the report I am uploading is supervisor's or reader's?
    After receiving a report in a file, the System examines it to find out:
    1. whether the file contains the word posudek (Czech for report)
    2. whether the file has been uploaded by the supervisor or reader himself/herself
    3. whether the file contains the word opo for 'reader' or ved for 'supervisor' and their name/personal identification number (učo) (e.g. posudek_name.doc or posudek_uco.doc)

    Using the information obtained, the System links the report to the appropriate person. However, if the System cannot find out who has written the report, it links it to both (all) the people involved.

  • 7.After being uploaded, the report only becomes accessible to the thesis author. Have I done anything wrong?
    The appropriate access rights enabling other people to access the report as well are going to be assigned to the file(s) at night.
  • 8.Is there any way I can check a thesis?
    You can check the thesis for traces of plagiarism using the appropriate IS JAMU application, make sure the thesis can be read using common software tools, check the fact that the thesis is temporarily hidden from other users as well as the date on which it is to be published (list of hidden files).

    To do so, please use the following path:

    Supervisor Archive of Theses/Dissertations

    Once you are done with all the checks, click on Thesis checked.

    Note: To check the thesis for traces of plagiarism, use the eggs icon (Find similar documents) available in File Manager. For further information on how to compare documents, go to the following Help section:

    Help E-learning .. Searching File Manager for Similar Files

  • 9.Why am I supposed to check the thesis again when I have already done so?
    You may need to do so again for one of the following reasons:
    • The Office for Studies have made some changes in the contents of the hidden files containing the thesis.
    • The student has been granted a three-day postponement exception to be able to make changes in his/her thesis or the Archive.

    Whichever of the two is the case, the Archive contents may have changed and thus you are supposed to perform the check again.

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at jamuis(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz.