• 1.Logging into the System
    To be able to log into the System for the first time, you need to know your personal identification number (učo) and primary password (can be obtained from your faculty access rights administrator). To find your administrator, follow this path:

    https://is.jamu.cz/ faculty access rights administrators
    To log into the System, enter https://is.jamu.cz/ into the address bar of your browser and click on Personal Administration. You will be prompted to enter your user name (use your personal identification number) and your primary password.

    [1] enter you personal identification number (učo) or user name
    [2] enter your (primary) password (not to be shared!)
    [3] click on "Log in" to enter the System

    Once you log into the System, please remember to select (change) your primary password using the following path:

    Personal Administration Access change my password

    Please make sure you do not select the password which is easy to guess and, after selecting it, use it the way that prevents it from being misused. The section also allows you to select (change) your user name.

  • 2.Contents and Applications Available
    The contents of the main IS page and modes in which the IS applications run are user-dependent, i.e. they depend on whether the user is a student, teacher, member of Office for Studies, etc. The main IS page lists the Teacher reference that takes you to the teacher-relevant applications designed to allow teachers to administer their data without anyone else's assistance.
    Provided you encounter any problem, please contact one of the System administrators listed at https://is.jamu.cz/spravci.
    Any operation performed via the System has the same weight as a similar act done in a paper form. Hence, when entering some information into IS, please ensure that you do so in a secure way and proceed diligently.
    Since the System keeps track of all your operations, you can ask its administrators for assistance in the event of a data loss.

  • 3.Teacher's Duties
    You can familiarize yourself with the Teacher's Notebook using the following path:

    Personal Administration Teacher

    The System requires you to attend to some basic duties that include:

    • entering your students' grades into the System in time
    • posting examination dates on the System in time
    • updating syllabus and other course-related information listed in the Course Catalogue (should be done on an annual basis)
    • replying to students' e-mail messages

    The Information System offers you a wide range of course-related tools and e-learning applications that have been developed to make your work easier. The Teacher's Notebook and its applications are described in a separate Help section.

  • 4.Communication and Contacts
    The System has its own mail server. Your address is učo@post.jamu.cz, where učo represents your personal identification number. Please ensure that you retrieve your e-mail from this mailbox on a regular basis - an operation you can perform using the following path:

    Personal Administration Mail

    You can also have your IS e-mail forwarded to another address.

    To search for another IS user's e-mail address, use the following path:

    Personal Administration People

    You should also update your personal information using the sections the paths to which are as follows:

    Personal Administration Personal Section
    Personal Administration Contacts

    Last, you should read the red messages (those of high importance) posted on the Noticeboard.

  • 5.Common Problems
    Forgotten password:
    If you forget your password, you should have a new one issued by one of the access rights administrator. To browse the list of these, use the following path:

    https://is.jamu.cz/ faculty access rights administrators

    Your old (forgotten) password cannot be retrieved from the System since it is not stored in a retrievable form. That is why you must be provided with a new one.

    Switching between terms and faculties:
    Almost every page generated by the Information System contains 'select another' references (placed behind the names of selected faculty and term) at the top that you can use for switching between faculties and terms.

    [1] switching between terms

    Logging out of the System:
    To log out of the System, you should close all the browser windows that have been loaded with the IS applications. If you fail to do so, someone else may use such windows to pass himself/herself off as you and misuse the System.

    [2] logging out of IS

    Erroneous data in the System:
    Provided you encounter some wrong or out-of-date data in the Information System, please contact your Vice-Dean and inform him/her of the fact.

    Suggestions, ideas, errors, and questions:
    The IS administrators welcome any suggestions and tips regarding the System. If you have any, please mail them to iscor@fi.muni.cz. When describing a problem, try to be as accurate as possible, enclose the address of the page in question, personal identification number of the student you have encountered the problem in, and other related information that you think might be useful.

We hope that you will find the Information System helpful and work with it enjoyable.

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at jamuis(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz.