• 1.I would like to create a folder and make it a homework vault.
    The homework vault represents a folder into which students are allowed to upload their files and which is mostly used for collecting their assignments, seminar papers, and other similar material. To create such a folder (which might be of the name, for instance, identical with that of your students' assignment), go to the Homework Vaults section and click on
    or select the Create folder option from the Operations menu. You might also want to enter some additional information related to the folder into the Description text box. Finally, to set the access rights for the folder, click on its name, then on the Tools icon (
    ) and then on 'Rights' (
    ). By clicking on Open the folder as a homework vault, you authorize the students enrolled in the course under which this folder has been created to upload their files into it.

    You might also want to specify the date by which you want their files to be provided. If you do so, the System will deprive the students of the right to upload their files, i.e. prevent them from doing so, after this date.

    The change in access rights mentioned above is made to the Homework Vaults folder and its sub-folders only.

    NB: Provided you want to prevent students from copying their assignments, you should change the folder attributes by clicking on OperationsChange rights and attributes of each item separately and selecting 'allow only the owner and teacher to read the files in the folder and its sub-folders'

    Therefore, if you want the students to be able to access each other's materials, do not select this option.

    Evaluating Assignments Uploaded into Homework Vault

    To notify your students of the scores they gained for their assignments uploaded into your Homework Vault and/or the mistakes they have made in these, you can:

    • use the Notebooks application
      To create a new notebook, use the following path:
      Teacher Notebooks .. create
      Enter a name for the new notebook, which can be, for instance, the same as that of the Homework Vault containing the assignments, check 'allow students to access the contents of the notebook' and, if you want the students to be able to access the evaluation statistics, check 'allow students to access the notebook-based statistics'. To enter your students' scores, grades or your comments regarding their assignments into the notebook, use the following path:
      Teacher Notebooks .. Edit contents

      [1] You can enter some evaluation comments into a notebook as well.

      The System also allows you to add up the scores stored in the notebook(s) and convert them into grades. For further information on this feature, see the instructions on how to use notebooks:

      Teacher Notebooks .. Help
    • correct the assignments electronically (e.g. using the red font in Word) and post the corrected versions under their originals using
      It is also advisable to post the file containing evaluation information (a report) right under the students' assignments. This can be done one of the following ways:
      i. by changing the order of files using

      ii. by using Expert Tools (intended for advanced users)
  • 2.What if some other people are helping me to correct assignments?
    Provided there are some other people participating in teaching a course or correcting (marking) assignments (e.g. doctoral students), the easiest way of authorizing these to administer the Study Materials folders is by selecting them as 'teachers' in the Course Catalogue. To do so, use the following path:

    Teacher Course Catalogue .. Edit teacher-related data

    All the IS users specified as 'teachers' of the course in the Course Catalogue are allowed to use the Teacher's Notebook and administer the Study Materials folders. Therefore, it is not necessary to grant them any special access rights.

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